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Salle, Abruzzo

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Experience Undiscovered Abruzzo & beyond!

NEW Tour in Spring 2025 ! ~ Taste of Puglia & Matera

Chi siamo . . .who we are

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My name is Michelle DiBenedetto-Capobianco. I’m a former corporate lawyer turned cooking school owner, daughter of Italian immigrants, mom to three boys and proud New Yorker. My father, Gino, was born and raised in Salle, a tiny village within the Parco Nazionale della Maiella (or Majella, as it was originally spelled in Roman times in honor of the goddess Maja). I've spent the past 25 years exploring and savoring the far corners of Italy, and in 2017, began leading curated, small-group tours of Abruzzo that highlight its majestic mountains, serene coastlines, charming villages and artisanal food and wines. I'm thrilled to expand my travel-deeper-style tours to other Italian regions including Puglia in 2025.

Perché noi . . . what makes us special


Our passionate local guides & partners will become your

lifelong friends


Majestic mountains, turquoise seas, rolling hills, medieval towns, hidden hermitages


Live out your best Italian dream - the real Italy that has yet to be discovered by the masses


Freshly pressed olive oil, artisanal cheese, ancient grains, native wines &

farm-to-table cooking


Wide open spaces free of tourist crowds and clean mountain air to clear your mind and body  

Costa dei Trabocchi, Abruzzo

Cosa dicono di noi . . . Testimonials

If you can only take one trip to Italy, this should be the one!

     - Ilene & Rich, Nevada

My trip to Abruzzo with Michelle was one of the most inspiring, magical and unique trips I have ever taken. Every day was planned to perfection- with hikes to medieval castles, cooking classes with local chefs and wine tastings with the local growers to name just a few of the activities. Her warmth and love of the region are evident in the attention to detail she has put into her thoughtfully curated tour that sheds light on a region mostly untouched by the hustle and bustle of more touristy parts of Europe. My trip to Abruzzo was not a "tour", it was an experience!   

     - Pamela, New York

Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your passion for Abruzzo with us. We all felt the fact that you are authentically in love with the place. Your wide eyed wonder for the simplicity of this motherland wrapped us in humility for the simple blessings of the earth. When folks ask how my trip was I found that my reply has been… It was just like going home! Again… grazie!

     - Shirley, Maine


At a friend’s suggestion, in 2018, I booked a tour with Majella Tours quickly followed with a return visit in 2019.  Michelle, the knowledgeable tour founder and Abruzzo insider uses her long-term relationships with the very best vendors to personally arrange every detail, lodging, meal with perfect wine pairings, and hidden cultural treasure, all for your enjoyment. Abruzzo is a less traveled region not overrun with large tour buses of American visitors, even in the summer. The pictures I have framed and hanging in my home remind me daily of warm memories of lush valleys and mountains, hidden monasteries, sparkling Adriatic Sea, and little-known towns with their food and craft specialties. I cannot wait to return soon to reconnect with my Abruzzo family of friends and have a reunion with former tour participants who share a similar love and longing for Abruzzo!

     - Barbara, Florida

Majella Tours of Abruzzo was an incredible introduction to a beautiful, underappreciated region of Italy.  Each day of the tour featured a fabulous mix of experiences:  a mountain hike followed by lunch and shopping in a lovely small village and, later on, an evening wine tasting one day; assisting with an olive harvest, attending a cooking class for local pasta, and a sumptuous dinner with a musical performance by local musicians the next.  So many fantastic meals and outings with a wonderful, small group of other travelers and an incredibly knowledgeable host and guides.  I can't wait to join Michelle for another tour soon!

     - John & Kim, New York

Although I have visited Italy a number of times, my trip to Abruzzo with Michelle was memorable and heartwarming. Instead of being on a large tour bus, we were a group of 11 who I still keep in touch with after 3 years. Michelle’s passion and knowledge of Abruzzo was contagious. We met, stayed and dined with people she knows personally and professionally. And because of Michelle’s experience as a chef, she personally curated every meal and special event we   took part in. It was like experiencing Italy  with a local. In fact, I found myself back there the following year on another Majella experience. Not to be missed.

     - Lynn, Florida

“While navigating Italy can often feel like retracing the footsteps of countless others…Abruzzo still retains a mystery and promise of discovery.”


Conde Nast Traveler

Eremo di San Bartolomeo
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